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skin: lyriope – aura dramatic ed. (grimmjow)
eyes: lyriope – mystic eyes (chai)
hair: kin – cricket (sand)
earrings: yummy – floral dangle earrings (inked)
jacket: – tourist jacket (black)
top: surf couture – canvas garden top (cream)
skirt part of: – spring bloom dress (dew)


NEW @ LYRIOPE (june 19th, 2010)

Hi everyone! I have finally decided to release some Aura makeups I had made for fun.
It’s 10 makeups and a clean version and they only come in pale skintone atm 🙂 You can find them at the store now!
And that’s all for now, but expect more releases soon! ^^

Aura Dramatic Ed. - Marguerite MakeupAura Dramatic Ed. - Grimmjow MakeupAura Dramatic Ed. - Evening Sky Makeup

Aura Dramatic Ed. - Clean MakeupAura Dramatic Ed. - Ikkaku MakeupAura Dramatic Ed. - Total Black Makeup

Aura Dramatic Ed. - Bleeding mu MakeupAura Dramatic Ed. - Rainbow MakeupAura Dramatic Ed. - Dark Diva Makeup

Aura Dramatic Ed. - Ulquiorra MakeupAura Dramatic Ed. - Luppi Makeup
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Look of the day: june 2nd

Look of the day: June 2nd
Look of the day: june 2nd

skin: Lyriope – Aura (pale) – makeup 16
eyes: Lyriope – Shiny eyes
jumpsuit: Emery – Jumpsuit Roxe
jacket: Aoharu – ShortRiders Jacket
shoes: *COCO* – Suede Cutout Boots