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New Store: Giusia, opening tomorrow 9AM SLT

Hello everyone, I havent blogged in a while, so this time I will make a HUGE entry so you can forgive me lol.

Tomorrow at 9AM SLT there’ll be the grand opening of a new shop: Giusia. some of you who use flickr might already know her through her flickr page.

To celebrate the store opening, Giusia will hold a treasure hunt at her sim, so make sure you have a look there tomorrow!
I had a sneak a peek at her store, and she has a lot of nice clothes, skins and shoes there, so here’s a preview of some of the outfits you’ll find there.
I personally like Giusia‘s work. she pays a lot of attention to the quality of her work and to the textures which are very nice and detailed. also the range of styles is quite wide and its something I always appreciate 😀

In all these pictures I am wearing Giusia skins, they come in 5 skintones and 10 makeups each.
The ones featured in these pictures are Natural Skin tone.

Wearing Eles dress, brown


Dress: Sammy Dress

Dress: Molly Africa Dress

Shirt: Zara
Pants: Lene skinny pants

Top: Molly
Pants: Liz Jeans

and last but not least my favourite: the Lily Dress. I absolutely love this one *o*

ok that’s all from me 😀
so dont forget tomorrow 9AM SLT, grand opening of Giusia with treasure hunt. see you all there! 😀


Awesome Lashes by Beauty Avatar

Hello, everyone. first of all I would like to apologize for my absence. As some of you already know, my RL hasn’t been nice to me in the last months, and I had to take some time for myself.

I know I have received a few inventory offers while I was away, because I got email messages about that. When I reopened Second Life a few months later, though, the inventory offers weren’t there anymore waiting for me, and I didn’t receive your items. I am sorry for that, and I thank you for thinking about me.

Anyway, I would like to re-start talking about something I love. Lashes!

it usually takes me a lot of time to adjust them because I suck at editing prims, but I still LOVE lashes 😀

And these in the picture below are the Celebrity Lashes from Beauty Avatar. They are veeeeery sexy I can assure you, and as you can see some of them are quite unusual!

Do you like them? I do!

Click on the image to enlarge:
Awesome Lashes by beauty Avatar
Beauty Avatar: World of beauty (127,158,24)